IMG_6844The Confucius Institute of the University of Granada (ICUGR) is a non-profit making organization created thanks to the collaboration between the University of Granada (UGR) and the University of Beijing (北京大学) . Settled up under the agreement with (Hanban) (Office of Chinese Language Council International) which main aim is to promote the Chinese language and culture education and to develop, in our city and in every scope of this University, those activities related to the Chinese culture throughout language courses divided in different levels, arrange film seasons, seminars, Chinese conference series, workshops, etc.
The ICUGR take up the threat of the effort of the University of Granada as the first one in Spain with studies about China and which from 1987 has increase the offer of courses in Chinese related subjects as history, literature, thinking, etc., and which main aim is to cover the increasing demand of knowledge of Chinese language and culture. All our activities will be developed either independently or jointly with other partner institutions as the University of Granada, the Seminar of Oriental Studies or other Confucius Institutes.


The Confucius Institute of the University of Granada (ICUGR) is located in “La Huerta de los Ángeles”. Its library will contain books donated by Hanban and other new purchases we will be included every year.

The main objectives of our Confucius Institute are:

  • To provide Chinese language teaching in different levels in order to meet the requirements of all our students and specifically, to provide business Chinese introductory courses.
  • To be a leading training organization for teacher of Chinese language.
  • To celebrate the Chinese level exam required by the government of the Chinese Education Ministry of the PRC, Hanyu shuiping kaoshi (HSK), in order to study in Chinese Universities.
  • To promote Chinese culture throughout conferences, seminars and other cultural activities.
  • To be a major platform of information and exchanges about Chinese language, culture and society for all who are involved or may be interested in the area.

The Confucius Institute of the University of Granada (ICUGR) is constituted by a complete team of Spanish and Chinese professionals that work daily in order to provide the best service and education to their students.

Get to know the Executive Board of the Confucius Institute of the University of Granada. Look it up the complete and updated organization chart of our Confucius Institute.. Click in the principal members to access to the staff information (teachers, administrators, volunteers…).
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